Much of the history of Valaria has been lost, but it is known that over 10,000 years ago, two magically powerful races, The Aelfar and the Ohgrim fought a war that led to the seeming destruction of both. Out of the ashes of that war rose the human tribes. After human civilization had advanced to a bronze age level of technology, a vast flight of dragons came, destroying all that the humans had achieved. The strongest of the dragons, the great wyrm known as “Dargeshaad”, enslaved many of these humans. Those he favored, he transformed into the Darroken. After a century of this enslavement, a band of humans rose up and defeated the Great Wyrm, and in the process became the first gods. 200 years passed after the ascension of the first gods, and civilization rose again, this time to surpass the level it had reached before the dragons came. New city-states attempted to assert their dominance over each other, and the old druidic faith clashed with the religions of the new gods for the faith of the people. During this time, the Aelfar returned and attempted to rebuild their lost cities, And The Kunal Trow Built a new kingdom of their own. This state of affairs lasted for another 250 years or so, when Davron, a city state of Darroken led by their White Queen, allied themselves with the dragons, and attempted to conquer the known lands. The Davronians claimed much territory, forming a strong empire, but were kept from total world domination by an unlikely alliance between the Kunal Trow, Elves, and Humans of the Riaan City-States and Kharjian Kingdoms. The last hundred years have remained relatively peaceful, with the lands in a stalemate.


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